People who drain our energy

Wendy Smith is a personal coach and author of How to Get on With the Boss . You can get in touch with her at this link

people who drain our energy

We all know people who drain our energy. Do you find yourself giving out lots of energy in support of others? But some people seem to take just a little too much. Do you give out more than you can afford to give if you are going to stay fit and cope with all that might be ahead of you.

Everyone feels insecure in the middle of life changes. But energy drainers are usually people who are insecure and negative in their everyday life! Quite often they find it difficult to tolerate their own company. You may find people like this start to depend upon you to help them make all kinds of relatively simple life decisions. They may phone or text you several times a day on any pretext. They seem to be eating you, as well as your time. Energy vampires sap your life force!

Here is a post I wrote a while ago that could help you deal with your energy vampire – Energy Drainers and how to deal with them

Wendy Smith is a personal coach committed helping people lead happier lives and feel more fulfilled. You can find out more at this link

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